Thirty four years ago two buddies from Delhi decided to open a neighborhood pub right in the center of town, on Main Street. They wanted to open a place that everyone could come to for fine food, sturdy drinks and a few laughs. Since the Pub was gonna be smack dab in the middle of cow country, the name they chose should tell everyone what they were all about……”The Shire” was the perfect choice because it was, after all, the term used to describe the beautiful english countryside, much like Delhi, a landscape of rolling hills, dairy farms, grassy knolls, pigs, chickens and, of course, Pubs!!

So The Shire Pub was born and never a better Public House in Delhi there ever was. The boys worked hard, played just as hard and good times at The Shire became the stuff of legend.In 1999 The pubs doors were closed for good, much to the dismay of many a loyal patron. Where would they go for a juicy burger, a cold beer and some healthy chatter!!??. In The Summer of 2010, motivated by a secret dream to once again see the Pub’s doors swing open, Ed and Sally O’Neill, owners of The Andes Hotel, just down the road in Andes (that is another tale all its own www.andeshotel.com) decided it was about time to write a new chapter in the story of The Shire.

O’Neill’s Shire Pub, the name slightly tweaked to honor the fellas who started this in the first place, and to let you know who is responsible for whats going on today, is open seven days a week, serving fine food and sturdy drink. We do take Thanksgiving and Christmas off to sleep in, and watch some football, but the other 363 days of the year we are here to pour it, grill it, shake it and serve it.

Our team in Delhi is looked over by Rachel Bracchy and Codey Wood, our managers in charge. The bar room is full of good conversation, good beer and sturdy drinks. We offer a variety of events to add even more fun to your visits and keep you coming back for more. We’ve got the rockinist little waitstaff you are gonna find in The Catskills, a happy bunch, even happier when you come in and enjoy yourself!!!. So that’s our story, there’s not much more to say except , “Come on down”!!.